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Pricing Transparency

At CHOC, we know that health care can be an unexpected expense and that the cost of health care services can be a deciding factor for many people as they plan for care.

CHOC supports health care pricing transparency and tools that help patients and all consumers evaluate what care is best for them and any related financial costs. That is why we are easing your way with a self-serve price estimator. Its out-of-pocket cost estimates are tailored to each person’s insurance coverage.

Please note this estimator provides information about hospital charges for CHOC Hospital and CHOC at Mission. Hospital charges alone don’t provide a full picture of what patients will pay. We encourage all health care consumers to speak with their providers and their health plan to get a complete explanation of their child’s treatment plan and expected costs. For our patients, we offer financial counseling for those experiencing hardship during any point throughout their care.

Please call the CHOC Family Payment Center at 714-509‐8600 or learn more about our financial resources.

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