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We know you are the ultimate protector of your children’s health. That’s why we partner with you to help you keep them healthy every step of the way. We provide general pediatric care for all kids—from babies to teens—through the CHOC Primary Care Network. Our network of pediatricians includes more than 20 offices throughout Orange County and beyond that offer well-checks, immunizations, sick visits, sports physicals and more, as well as pediatric urgent care services.

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Health Tips from Our Experts

toddler girl touches painful ear

A CHOC expert details what causes swimmer’s ear, its symptoms, how it’s treated and when it’s safe to resume swimming.

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nervous child biting finger nails

Learn the signs, symptoms and treatment for selective mutism in children, including myths about the rare childhood anxiety disorder.

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A gloved hand holding a magnifying glass over a skin mole on the back of a girl's neck

In this ultimate guide, a CHOC expert answers parents’ questions about how to tell if a child’s mole is normal or not, and when to seek help.

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Mother talking to her teenage son

It’s imperative to recognize the profound impact that diet culture can have on kids’ physical and psychological well-being. Here, learn how to talk to kids about food, nutrition and their bodies.

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A young woman sits on the floor with a little girl who is playing with blocks

Learn from CHOC experts the best ways to find a babysitter, what to ask during an interview, and what information to share before you leave.

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Small black and red bug on a person's finger

Expert pediatric advice about how to protect against ticks – and what to do if you spot one on your child.

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