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Welcome to CHOC’s news media resources. Here, members of the media can find contact information for CHOC’s public relations staff, B-roll footage and links to our blogs, including press releases.

CHOC maintains three blogs to keep our audiences informed:

  • CHOC Inside – Get an inside look at CHOC by exploring press releases, staff and patient stories, and more.
  • CHOC Health – Grow your parenting tool kit with information from CHOC pediatric experts on varying health conditions.
  • Provider Connection – Learn about the latest CHOC innovations, research and more.

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Recent News

magnifying glasses with black handles set against an orange background

A new pilot program, rare for a pediatric healthcare system, aims to attract and retain clinical research coordinators.

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Newborn being treated for jaundice.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) program was designed to improve quality of care for babies born with elevated levels of bilirubin.

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electric bike on the beach with ocean in the background

Dr. Theodore Heyming, medical director of emergency medicine at CHOC, offers advice about e-bike safety and injury prevention.