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The Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence, Information, Investigation, and Innovation Institute (Mi4)

The CHOC Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence, Information, Investigation and Innovation Institute, known as Mi4, is the hub for innovation at CHOC. Mi4 accelerates innovation and insight that will advance the health and well-being of children. It does so by advancing innovative solutions in diagnosis, treatment and care for children. Engaging CHOC providers and associates, and in partnership with key collaborators, Mi4 is a leader in pediatric innovation in the United States and internationally. Mi4 transforms pediatrics, bringing together intelligence, information, investigation and innovation together to “innovate as one”.

Mi4 is dedicated to empowering data intelligence and medical innovation at CHOC, and driving innovation leadership in the international pediatrics community.

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Innovator Spotlights

Monthly Innovation Meetings

The Mi4 and Medical Intelligence Society (MIS) monthly meetings at CHOC provide a unique opportunity to learn about the latest advances in data intelligence, information, investigation, and innovation, and provide a forum to network and exchange ideas with fellow innovators. These meetings include guest speakers, interactive discussions, and are open to everyone at CHOC and the outside community.

Please join us every second Tuesday of the month at 2-4:30pm PST.

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Internship Program: Become a Young Innovator and Learn from the Best

The Mi4 Summer Internship Program at CHOC offers invaluable experience for anyone interested in or merely exploring the health care field. With more than 50 expert mentors across multiple fields, students are immersed in areas that are relevant to the future practice of pediatric medicine, including genomic medicine and personalized medicine, regenerative medicine and stem cells, nanomedicine, robotics, artificial intelligence and more.

Innovation Day

Every year, the Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence, Information, Investigation and Innovation Institute (Mi4) at CHOC brings together various leaders to discuss innovative solutions and medical intelligence that will shape the future of pediatric healthcare.

Thank You to the Sharon D. Lund Foundation

Innovation requires two key ingredients: bold ideas and courage. CHOC is fortunate to have both renowned thought leaders in pediatric medicine and courageous donors with a vision to truly transform children’s health. The Sharon D. Lund Foundation is one such forward-thinking donor. In keeping with the generous spirit of Walt Disney’s daughter Sharon, the Foundation supports projects that not only impact children in Orange County but globally. It was with a $5 million donation from the Foundation that CHOC founded the Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence, Information, Investigation, and Innovation Institute (Mi4), bringing together key people from within the hospital and beyond to foster creativity.

Your charitable donation to CHOC’s Sharon Disney Lund Mi4 Department helps our team support medical intelligence and innovation, advancing care for the children and families that we serve.

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The Sharon D. Lund Foundation presents $5 million donation.

Mi4 in the News

Abstract image of lines and squares signifying artificial neural network

Pediatric medicine in the world of artificial intelligence
A panel of CHOC experts specializing in medical innovation discuss possible future impacts of artificial intelligence on health care.

Dr Anthony Chang

ChatGPT is going to be the 'smartest doctor on the planet,' says CHOC's Dr. Anthony Chang
Anthony Chang, MD, chief intelligence and innovation officer of Orange, Calif.-based Children's Hospital of Orange County, told Becker's he uses ChatGPT in the clinic "every hour."

Young boy with tablet experiencing Choco's Undersea Adventure

Augmented reality module, Choco’s Sea Adventure, encourages early ambulation
CHOC's innovation team offers solution to early ambulation challenges with augmented reality module, Choco's Undersea Adventure.

Andrew Ruiz, CHOC director of imaging services

Augmented Reality with Choco the Bear Comforts Children During MRIs
Children’s Hospital of Orange County makes having an MRI feel like an adventurous day near the sea.

Augmented Reality App Screen

New augmented reality app in radiology adds fun, eases anxiety for patients getting MRIs
Innovators at CHOC pilot augmented reality app that uses CHOC's mascot, Choco, to explain the MRI process to pediatric patients.

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Affiliated Programs

AIMed Logo

AIMed is the result of initiatives from CHOC Children’s Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence, Information, Investigation, and Innovation Institute (MI4) with the purpose of advancing data science and artificial intelligence in medicine around the world.

Medical Intelligence Society (MIS) Logo

Medical Intelligence Society is a venue for clinicians interested in data science and artificial intelligence. Our vision is to create world leaders in the application of data science and artificial intelligence in healthcare through education.

International Society of Pediatric Innovation (iSPI) Logo

The International Society for Pediatric Innovation (iSPI) was formed to address the unmet need for an open global network focused on innovation leadership. iSPI provides a unique opportunity for pediatric leaders to be at the cutting edge of technological influence and creative energy.

Innovation Lab Logo

The Innovation Institute is a healthcare incubator and leading provider of medical device and healthcare innovation solutions. We are experts in funding and support for healthcare innovation worldwide.


Formed by a team of leading clinicians and data scientists, The American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ABAIM) has emerged as the authoritative body for medical AI education and certification.