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Pay My Bill

After you receive services at CHOC, we will bill your insurance company and you will receive a detailed breakdown of your charges. If there are any expenses not covered by your insurance or government program, CHOC will send a statement requesting payment to you by mail. Please note that you may receive separate bills from your doctor and other specialists involved in your child’s care depending on the type of visit and location where services were provided.

Pay Online

To pay online using a credit card, please have your statement handy and find the CHOC Dept number on your statement directly under the words “Please make checks payable and remit to”

Contact Us

For questions about your bill, call the Family Payment Center.

Additional Resources

Understanding Your Bill

Billing FAQs

Payment is due when you receive your bill. If you are unable to pay the full amount, we can help you arrange a payment plan or offer our financial assistance program.
We will do our best to confirm your coverage with your insurance provider. Please direct any questions about your coverage to your insurance provider.
Please call 714-509-8600 and let us know. We will do a thorough investigation of all charges to ensure they have been billed correctly.
We do our best to keep our costs as low as possible while accounting for the higher cost of providing highly specialized care for children. CHOC is a comprehensive pediatric healthcare system with a higher level of pediatric services not available at most facilities. Our physicians and staff have additional training and our equipment and technology is customized for pediatrics.
It is common for health systems to charge a facility fee at hospital-based offices. Some of CHOC’s outpatient offices are considered hospital-based offices because they are located on our main hospital campus and use hospital-based services. Coverage of this fee varies by insurance. You may also see this fee on your bill if you have not met your deductible for the year. If you have questions about this fee, please call us at 714-509-8600 or contact your insurance company for more information about your coverage.
We accept cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express for payments.