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Meet the Team

At the Julia and George Argyros Emergency Department (ED) at CHOC Hospital in Orange, your child is in good hands – lots of them! A comprehensive team of medical professionals is ready and waiting to ensure each child receives the highest-quality care and attention – from registration to discharge. Recognizing that children are not just small adults, all staff members have a special interest and skill in treating pediatric patients.
Here’s a list of some personnel you might encounter at the ED:

  • Physicians: These are the doctors who supervise and provide each child’s care, and you might notice several types in the ED. The attending physician is the supervising pediatric emergency doctor. All attending physicians in CHOC’s ED are board-certified in pediatric emergency medicine. We are committed to training physicians, so the attending physician might be accompanied by a fellow, who is a medical doctor training in pediatric emergency medicine, or a resident, who is a medical doctor in training.
  • Registered Nurses: These staff members help care for patients. They are trained to work with children, and many have undergone special training – beyond certification by the state – to treat children specifically during emergencies. Registered nurses are identified in the ED by their maroon-colored uniforms.
  • Technicians: These employees assist nurses in proving care for patients. For example, technicians hold and position patients during a procedure, take vital signs and may also provide life-saving interventions like CPR. Many of these employees at CHOC’s ED are trained emergency medical technicians, so they know just how help in an urgent situation. Technicians wear khaki-colored uniforms.
  • Child Life Specialists: These specialized staff members are experts in providing comfort and support to patients and families. They can help explain procedures or ailments in a way that’s easy for children to understand. Child life specialists also provide distractions to help alleviate pain, minimize anxiety or pass the time. Sometimes, they might be joined by a furry, four-legged sidekick from our pet therapy program. Learn more about CHOC’s dedicated Emergency Department child life specialists.
  • Other staff members: A social worker helps patients and families with personal, medical and environmental needs. A case manager coordinates home care. An interpreter is available to help patients and families with limited English proficiency. Registration associates complete registration, admission and check-out. Volunteers help with a variety of tasks like cleaning rooms and bringing blankets. Parking valet staff park families’ cars upon arrival, and retrieve them after discharge.

Patients and families can ask any of these staff members for assistance during their ED visit. Also, if further tests or treatments are required, patients are just steps away from a variety of other services provided by pediatric-trained staff members working in The Bill Holmes Tower at CHOC Hospital in Orange.