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Autism Spectrum Disorder Newsletter Archive

Autism Spectrum Disorder newsletter is intended to provide useful, relevant information and resources to the autism community.

2022 – Bimonthly

  • November 2022
    Tips for children with autism to enjoy Thanksgiving. Tips for the holidays | Overcoming travel obstacles | Interactive robot helps with social skills | Resources for parents
  • September 2022
    How TikTok is helping siblings spread autism awareness. Plus, Parents share learnings | Resources for parents | New study on visual perception | School routines
  • July 2022
    Guide to helping children with ASD build healthy habits. Plus, Flying with children with ASD | Back-to-school tips | Get ready for the school bus | Drumming improves brain function
  • May 2022
    Start with the basics and learn the signs, symptoms and treatments for ASD. Plus, help siblings understand autism | See through an autistic person’s eyes | TikTok Q&A
  • March 2022
    Response to ‘Baby Talk’ Could Provide an Early Sign of Autism. Plus, Bolting & Neighborhood Safety Tips | Teaching Game Playing | Learning About Co-Conditions of Autism
  • January 2022
    Preparing children with ASD for the COVID-19 vaccine. Plus, new U.S. autism prevalence stats | Setting New Year’s goals | Neurodivergent explained | Events

2021 – Bimonthly

  • November 2021
    Strategies to combat bullying. Plus, Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving | Guide for Holiday Break| New Studies | Events
  • September 2021
    Planning a successful return to school. Plus, Coping with COVID-19 | First Dutch Boy with Autism | Device aids in Diagnosing ASD| Puppets & Autism | Events
  • July 2021
    Nutrition tips for children with autism. Plus, Expand your child’s diet | Study on autism & the gut microbiome | ASD Transition Program | Events
  • May 2021
    Vivian’s journey with autism. Plus, Daily life of a peds psychologist | Behavioral insights of children with autism | Autism 101 | Healthy Smiles
  • March 2021
    Tips for coping with an ASD diagnosis. Plus, April Virtual Resource Fair | Podcast for providers | Basics of Autism Workshop | Our wish list
  • January 2021
    Newborn hearing test may enhance early detection of autism. Plus, A child with autism helps mom ride out the pandemic | What is Start Well | Autism and epilepsy | Autism 101

2020 – Monthly

  • December 2020
    Tips for ensuring a happy holiday season with your child. Plus, New research on behavioral problems | Help Me Grow | Autism 101
  • November 2020
    Tips for holiday cooking with your child. Plus, Autism and sleep disorders | Advances in gene therapy | Autism 101
  • October 2020
    How virtual learning can help parents of children with autism. Plus, Pets may help parents fight stress | How to use the patient portal | Autism 101
  • September 2020
    CHOC launches social skills program for adolescents. Plus, Toolkit offers tips for school | Children with special needs face new challenges | Autism 101
  • August 2020
    How to adjust to a new routine this school year. Plus, A glimpse into a magnificent mind | Keeping kids busy at home | When to use rewards | Autism 101
  • July 2020
    5 Tips for Reducing Children’s Fears About Doctors’ Visits During COVID-19. Plus, What to expect at your child’s assessment | Jenga® play and a giveaway | Autism 101
  • June 2020
    How to help children with autism understand COVID-19. Plus, What to expect at the Thompson Autism and Neurodevelopmental Center during COVID-19 | Summer tips for children with ASD