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Feeding Program

CHOC’s Multidisciplinary Feeding Program is dedicated to providing individualized comprehensive care to children and their families with complex feeding disorders.

There’s no place like CHOC’s Multidisciplinary Feeding Program. Started in 2003, the program is one of a handful of specialty feeding programs in the world to offer comprehensive outpatient consultations as well as an intensive inpatient program that provides children and their families the skills and confidence needed to make meal time a positive and successful part of everyday life.

Pacer's Story

Before coming to CHOC, Pacer Lybbert had never eaten a Cheerio, a piece of toast or even spoonful of yogurt. He was almost 4 and had never enjoyed birthday cake, Halloween candy or a Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Since birth, Pacer had received almost all of his nutrition through a feeding tube.

His parents Quinn and Mekell had resigned themselves to the possibility that Pacer would need a feeding tube for life. Then, they met a little boy near their new home in Montana who had been successfully treated for a similar problem at the CHOC Multidisciplinary Feeding Program.


You can contact the CHOC Feeding Program team by phone (714) 509-4884, fax 855-2462329 or email at:

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