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Care Guidelines

CHOC is committed to the delivery of the highest quality, evidence-based care for the children and families that we serve.

CHOC is actively developing Care Guidelines for our inpatient high volume, high risk, and high variability diagnoses.

Our evidence-based care guidelines are based on the best available evidence and expert opinion and are developed to help pediatricians provide the best possible care to patients. Electronic order sets (“Power Plans”) are available for all Care Guidelines.

Care Guidelines are overseen by the multidisciplinary Evidence Based Medicine Committee (a medical staff IOP Committee) whose duties are:

  1. To provide oversight for the coordination and improvement of highest quality, evidence-based care delivery at CHOC
  2. To effect the change in culture of CHOC towards evidence-based practice
  3. To develop new care guidelines for diagnoses with the highest volume, risk, and/or variation in care
  4. To monitor process and outcome data for targeted populations and disease conditions

For more information, contact:
Brittney Anderson, DNP, CPNP – Director, Clinical Quality – 714-509-9380

Other Evidence-Based Statements and Guidelines:

CHOC Care Guidelines: