Annual Report 2014

Celebrating 50 Years

Our 2014 CHOC Children’s Annual Report marks the 50th anniversary of this remarkable organization.

The concept for a children’s hospital in Orange County actually began more than 50 years ago when an influential group of physicians and citizens came together to create Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). The hospital officially opened its doors on Oct. 5, 1964.

In the ensuing years, Orange County grew at a rapid pace, with more and more families turning to CHOC. Today CHOC Children’s is the hub of a regional pediatric health care system, responsible for 2 million children—more than the child population in any one of 39 states.

Since it is virtually impossible to recount the last five decades in one Annual Report, we have focused on capturing the extraordinary spirit of CHOC’s remarkable history through 50 short stories. Even this ambitious effort barely scratches the surface of how CHOC progressed from a community vision more than 50 years ago, to the world-class, premier pediatric health care organization it is today.

The dedication, determination and devotion of CHOC Children’s can be seen in these stories of our patients, families, physicians, nurses, associates, donors and volunteers. Every story reflects the mission of our organization: to nurture, advance and protect the health and well-being of children.

Happy 50th anniversary, CHOC Children’s. We are proud to share this milestone Annual Report with our CHOC Children’s family.