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Family Resource Center

The Monica and Christopher Furman Family Resource Center is a warm, welcoming environment that provides comfort and education to our patients and families. Part of our patient- and family-centered vision is to provide you the information and tools you need while you’re at CHOC. Whether you need a fax machine to conduct personal business, a computer to research your child’s health condition or simply a place to go and have a moment of normalcy, the Family Resource Center is available for every need.

“Family Resource Center” Transcript

Rose Ovalle: Our goal is really to create that sense of normalcy for our families. When they’re in such a challenging time in their lives, we want to create a space that’s safe for them and they feel that they can decompress. The Family Resource Center is a warm, welcoming environment that provides comfort and education to our families.

Alyssa: It sounds so simple, but walking from our room to the elevators and down to the 2nd floor was a little stress relieving break.

Cristina: This is a place where I can breathe. I’m able to just relax a little bit and it’s just comfy, cozy. Everybody wants to feel that comfort.

Rose Ovalle: We want to make sure that our families feel supported. Their needs are being met and that their overall experience is positive. We have a wonderful staff of volunteers here that can help and guide our families and our patients in providing resources and also distraction with different activities and programing.

Alyssa: Having these happy, friendly volunteers and staff in the family resource center was very uplifting.

Cristina: We come here and we enjoy our time here because everyone is so welcoming and so loving. Their impact on me is huge because I have that support system.

Rose Ovalle: I have lots of families that come in here and say, “This is my favorite part of the day. It gives me something to look forward to.”

Alyssa: The only thing I would look forward to on some days, aside from seeing my daughter and getting to hold her and give her hugs and kisses. But aside from being with my daughter, there were some days where the only thing I looked forward to was coming down to the family resource center.

Cristina: They’re so involved and they take their time. I can count on them. I can reach out and I know that someone from the resource center will be here.